Impossible is nothing

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Impossible is nothing

What Big Gulp and 7-11 Taught Me About Team Culture and Leadership

I’ve been part of some teams – past and present. I’ve seen some thrive and I have seen some dwindle away and I have seen a team like no other, grow and take on an almost magical, contagious, positive personality.

Mom entrepreneurs – how do they do it? An interview with a mom-preneur.

As a mother of 4, I have a special place in my heart for mom-preneurs. Several years ago, I started a networking group for moms in business. I discovered something about mom entrepreneurs that was unlike any other business person I had met before.

The death of dreams and getting rich on the internet …

Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die.. Life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.

Twitter, Tweetlead and building your list.

I love twitter. My first experience with twitter was a positive one. Twitter and it’s ability to help capture leads has come a long way since then.

5 ways to work your online home business without really working during the holidays

Christmas is coming and with the holidays upon us it becomes increasingly difficult to manage family fun and social activities while still building and keeping revenue flowing in your home business.

The importance of a Sit Spot for your wellbeing and your business

Ghandi once said, “All of man’s problems, stem from his inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

3 Critical Components Every Business Must Have via Paul Hutchings

There is something to be said about entrepreneurs who truly care. I call them “heart centred entrepreneurs”  and this characteristic Continue Reading

Best Personal Development Apps

There is an abundance of amazing apps out there but I came accross these 5 cool Personal Development apps I thought I would share designed to help you grow, be more productive, happier and reach your goals.

What is Inner Power?

Inner power – another buzz word that’s going around these days but I don’t take these words lightly.